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Lost & Found

Let’s start with the numbers, shall we? Everyone knows that the current economic climate is terrible, but nothing throws an ugly situation into relief like the harsh light of statistics. Youth unemployment rates are at record highs.

Of Owls and Buffalo

In the not too distant past I worked in a downtown office-building food court, and one day as I trudged home from the fluorescent doldrums that filled my day, attempting to get the ringing of Fox News blather out of my ears, I saw a peculiar sight. Perched on the […]

For the Love of Music

Birmingham doesn’t do rock stars. We aren’t the next “it” city, and we don’t have a “sound.” People don’t move to Birmingham to get famous and launch their careers. Don’t get me wrong, there’s more great music being produced in Birmingham than most people can imagine. We’ve got a community […]

B-Metro Storm Updates

SORTING IT OUT: Crews of contractors sent to Madison County by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including six crews from One Stop Environmental LLC of Birmingham, have begun a sorting process designed to separate harmful materials from the debris. Many homes contain dangerous substances… Read the rest

The Art Of Rebuilding

As we approach the one-month anniversary of the devastating storms of April 27, many victims are still struggling to recover from the damage done to their personal property and emotional well-being. It seems but a moment since our placid sense of security got ripped away, leaving us vulnerable and frightened. […]