About Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved design.

As a kid, I decorated my room with ads I cut from Wired magazine, with their branding carefully removed, because I found the inventiveness of their layouts so inviting. I had an early version of Photoshop (3.0!), and designed my first logo when I was sixteen.

I was hooked! The creative effort involved in taking the character and vision of a business and distilling it into one iconic image was an engaging challenge that has stayed fresh to this day. I have a life-long obsession with computers as well, so I combined my love of design with my penchant for code and became a web designer.

Not right away, mind you. My road to design led from the stage (my parents and sister are all actors and I hold a degree in it myself), along a winding path that included stints running a pool hall, managing a coffee-shop, acting as editor-in-chief of an alt-weekly newspaper, and starting a music festival.

Through it all, the one constant was design. Whatever I was involved in, I designed for it, websites, t-shirts, magazine and album covers, concert posters and on and on…

So, when it was time to strike out on my own, start my own business, there was only one choice. You guessed it!

Now I use my passion for design to help people and businesses I believe in create authentic and attractive spaces online, and I couldn’t be happier.

Sam George