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Keeping Secrets

Alright, I know we’ve really been hammering the Secret Stages peg over here at Birmingham Weekly, but it’s only because in addition to being media sponsors of the festival, three of us are founding organizers of the thing. For the last six months, we’ve all been working two jobs, sleeping […]

Taming The Beast

Everyone knows that the music industry is changing forever. Faced with emerging technology that makes the traditional model of record production obsolete, the entire business is undergoing a public soul-searching as well as a mad scramble to be the first to stumble on a new model that makes sense (and […]

Secret Stages Update

We are a little less than a month out from Secret Stages, Birmingham’s newest music festival, which will be held May 13 and 14 in the heart of the loft district. The week of the festival, Birmingham Weekly will contain your essential guide to all of the cool stuff to […]

Your Story Is Mine

We all have stories. We hold them close, for stories are the most potent form that memory can take. We carry them around with us, carefully polishing and honing them in the telling and re-telling, until they become integral parts of our identity. How many times have you sat recounting […]

Tag, You’re Art

At this point, I think it’s pretty clear that I think graffiti is art. We’ve featured Birmingham graffiti in our SEEN section and on our cover on more than one occasion, and in an artistic context. What wasn’t clear to me until recently, however, was that the status of graffiti […]