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Settle (Demo)—Solo, 2011

Stories End—Solo, 2010

Take Off (Demo)—Solo, 2009

Ignorant Fool (Live at Workplay)—Bright Henry, 2009

No Regrets (Demo)—Bright Henry, 2008

Tragic Accident (Demo)—Bright Henry, 2008

Dance Nothing (Demo)—Bright Henry, 2008

Kings of the Mountain (Demo)—Bright Henry, 2008

Christmas In Birmingham—Solo, 2007

Rick’s Bitch (Live in Second Life)—Solo, 2007

Goodnight Moon—Dick Richard, 2007

Going Gone—Dick Richard, 2006

Black Steeples—Solo,2006

Cathedral—The Frets, 2005

Break Away—The Frets, 2005

Over It—The Frets, 2005

Spin the Bottle—The Frets, 2005

Brick (Ben Folds Five Cover)—Solo, 2005

Falling Leaves (Instrumental)—Solo, 2005

Undertow—Solo, 2004

Love Junkie—Solo, 2004

Bethlehem—Solo, 2004

Taste—Solo, 2004

Stutter Strut—Solo, 2004

Between the Cracks—Solo, 2004

Happy Factory—Solo, 2004

Blocked—Solo, 2004

Waiting for Change—Solo, 2004

Movin’ On—Solo, 2004

Appeal—Solo, 2004

The Kitty Song—Solo, 2004

The Wrong Song—Solo, 2004

Cinderella Story—Solo, 2004

Back to the Blues—Solo, 2004

Break Away (Acoustic)—Solo, 2004

The Cat Came Back—Solo, 2004

Lost & Found—Solo, 2004

Dick Richard: Sam George (Vocals, Keys), Andrew Doba (Bass), Justin Rohrlich (Drums)
Bright Henry: Sam George (Vocals, Keys), Matt Myrick (Guitar), Barrett Brown (Bass), Daniel Long (Drums)
The Frets: Sam George (Vocals, Keys) Pat Inverso (Guitar, Bass)