Lost & Found

A delayed generation moves forward one sidestep at a time.

Let’s start with the numbers, shall we? Everyone knows that the current economic climate is terrible, but nothing throws an ugly situation into relief like the harsh light of statistics. Youth unemployment rates are at record highs. According to a recent article by The Atlantic,... Read the rest

Of Owls and Buffalo

Jesse Payne’s newest work is a multi-media trip down memory lane.

In the not too distant past I worked in a downtown office-building food court, and one day as I trudged home from the fluorescent doldrums that filled my day, attempting to get the ringing of Fox News blather... Read the rest

The New Sound of the Shoals

Belle Adair brings a modern twist to Muscle Shoals

The weight of history hangs heavy in Muscle Shoals. Not many towns as tiny as this Northern Alabama burg have such a strong connection with celebrity past, and the result is that Muscle Shoals’ national identity has been almost … Read the rest

For the Love of Music

Inside the Hard-Working Bands of Birmingham

Birmingham doesn’t do rock stars. We aren’t the next “it” city, and we don’t have a “sound.” People don’t move to Birmingham to get famous and launch their careers. Don’t get me wrong, there’s more great music being produced … Read the rest

Reversing The Lobotomy

On the frontlines of the battle to reclaim the history of hip-hop

The hip-hop community is at war. I’m not talking about the East Coast vs. West Coast battle that resulted in the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. The war I speak of isn’t a war of egos and guns, fought with real hardware and ending in all-too-real results... Read the rest

Bang! Boom!

You know why you like the Fourth of July

Fire is fascinating. Even if you are terrified by fire, it holds you in some amount of awe. Fire is the total destroyer, the giver and taker of life, which brought us out of the wild and gave us … Read the rest

Capturing Idols

Who Shot Rock & Roll explores the artists behind the photos

Here in the good old red-blooded U.S. of A, we love our pop gods, our rock and roll celebrities.  In fact, in recent days, we like to eat them alive in a steady diet of reality crap and paparazzi … Read the rest

B-Metro Storm Updates


SORTING IT OUT: Crews of contractors sent to Madison County by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including six crews from One Stop Environmental LLC of Birmingham, have begun a sorting process designed to separate harmful materials from the debris. Many homes contain dangerous substances... Read the rest

The Art Of Rebuilding

Alabama artists band together to aid recovery efforts

As we approach the one-month anniversary of the devastating storms of April 27, many victims are still struggling to recover from the damage done to their personal property and emotional well-being...Read the rest

Keeping Secrets

A Secret Stages retrospective

Alright, I know we’ve really been hammering the Secret Stages peg over here at Birmingham Weekly, but it’s only because in addition to being media sponsors of the festival, three of us are founding organizers of the thing...Read the rest

Taming The Beast

Through the Sparks chart their own unorthodox path

Everyone knows that the music industry is changing forever. Faced with emerging technology that makes the traditional model of record production obsolete, the entire business is undergoing a public soul-searching as well as a mad scramble...Read the rest

Secret Stages Update

New bands and fun tech

We are a little less than a month out from Secret Stages, Birmingham’s newest music festival, which will be held May 13 and 14 in the heart of the loft district. The week of the festival, Birmingham Weekly will … Read the rest